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Kilauea Mobile IV clinic is brought to you by Hawaii Whole Person Healing Collective, LLC, a Limited Liability Company specializing in providing Integrative Medicine Healthcare services.

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Dr. Christopher Lawinski MD

Dr. Christopher Lawinski MD graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Oberlin College in Oberlin Ohio and was a research assistant at the Rockefeller University in NY, NY before enrolling at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, graduating in 2006, and completing Family Medicine residency at the University of Hawaii in 2009.  

In 2010, Dr. Lawinski started his private practice in Functional, Integrative and Holistic Medicine, specializing in Intravenous Nutrients, Chelation, Detoxification, Anti-Aging, Bioidentical Hormones and Ozone Therapy. 

Dr. Lawinski is currently board certified by the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, a member of  the American Academy of Ozonotherapy and the American College for the Advancement in medicine.  He is committed to treating every patient holistically while integrating the best of cutting edge science and natural based therapies

RieAnn RN

RieAnn, RN graduated in May 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. Starting her career, she served the elder community at Hale Anuenue Restorative Care Center as Supervisor Nurse. RieAnn focused on her specialty as an IV nurse at Hawaii Whole Person Healing clinic in Pahoa in 2021. She believes integrative medicine to be a powerful practice and is proud to contribute to it. RieAnn is certified in Wilderness Life support and has also volunteered her nursing skills for national events, abroad in Ecuador, and disaster relief in Maui. She is eager to continue serving her community by offering many different IV therapies including vitamin therapy home visits.