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Mobile IV services

All IV vitamin cocktails listed here are specially formulated and based on Dr. Lawinski’s 13 year clinical experience in Integrative and Holistic and Functional medicine.

With Mobile IV (Intravenous) service, the formulations below, and in some cases custom specialized formulas, can be delivered to you in your home.  Please inquire about any custom formulations that you have in mind.

Upon successful checkout, you will be contacted and scheduled for your initial consultation within 24 hours, and can usually receive your IV at home or your private location within 48 hours or sometimes much sooner

Wellness IV

Inner Beauty IV

Price: $248

The house blend IV with the addition of biotin aids in fat, glucose and protein metabolism and also strengthens hair, skin and nails.

FatBurner / Blood Sugar Optimizer IV

Price: $252

The house Meyer’s complemented with L-Taurine, Methionin, Inositol, Choline, and  Alpha lipoic acid for maximum metabolic capabilities.

Cell Regeneration IV

Price: $369

We could call this infusion the fountain of youth. There are two IV pushes following our standard Meyer’s cocktail: glutathione and phosphatidylcholine. These additions detoxify the liver, enhance cellular function and efficiency by strengthening the cell wall, replenishing the mitochondria and replicating DNA more precisely which will inspire longevity.

Brain & Nerve Tonic IV

Price: $264

This tonic’s secret ingredients include alpha lipoic acid and glutathione. These two infusions clean out free-radicals and oxidants dirtying up the body which, in turn, reduces inflammation, fatigue and brain fog. An excellent infusion to increase focus, concentration and overall performance in daily activities.

IV Cocktails

Mitochondrial Tonic IV

Price: $252

Our enhanced Meyer’s blend with a few key ingredients added to sharpen mitochondrial and cellular function. This cocktail includes L-taurine for reducing metabolic stress and improving overall performance, as well as alpha lipoic acid to increase metabolism and eliminate free radicals.

Immunity Blend IV

Price: $249

The House IV recipe plus trace minerals and vitamin D to improve immunity and maintain well-being. This infusion is perfect before and after travel or whenever you are feeling “under the weather”.

Detox & Stress Reduction IV

Price: $262

Our Meyer’s cocktail plus trace minerals and a glutathione push to follow. Glutathione is the master antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory and anti-aging due to its major role in the redox balance of the body. Stress can inhibit the body’s ability to clear oxidants efficiently. Relax with us and help your body restore itself.

Meyer’s Cocktail IV

Price: $219

“Take your vitamins,” is the lullaby sung by mothers since childhood. What wisdom they have! But, what exactly do these vitamins help with? Vitamin C, to start with, is an antioxidant and can have antibacterial and antiviral effects on the body and studies are showing it may even act as an immunomodulator that reduces allergic reactions.2 The B vitamins help to maintain healthy organs, speed up metabolism and detoxification, and are major contributor in the nervous, immune, digestive and endocrine systems.3 Magnesium fosters relaxation of both vascular and bronchial smooth muscle and it also contribute to mitochondrial energy production.4   Finally, the essential mineral calcium underlies almost every metabolic process in the body.  We can easily personalize your Vitamin cocktail as well with ingredients like NAD+, glutathione, extra vitamins and much more.

IVs to Feel Better

The Ultimate Hangover Cure IV

Price: $254

The Dr.’s personalized Meyer’s cocktail has additional trace minerals to replenish the body after a weekend of celebration and anti-nausea medicine to ease you back into Monday.

Rehydration IV

Price: $262

Our Meyer’s cocktail with trace minerals and potassium added for optimal body function, especially for rehydration after strenuous exercise or detoxification protocols.  With this treatment, we are fine tuning the body’s physiology, giving the body essential nutrients for optimum maintenance, repair and self- regulation.

IVs to Perform


Price: $185

NAD+ is the master nutrient of the entire body, contributing to cell and organ repair, restoring neuronal function, and reducing inflammation. NAD+ infusions are intended for clearing brain fog, sharpening memory and increasing concentration as well as reversing aging and boosting energy.  An NAD+ boost can be given alone or can be added as a piggyback to any of the nutrient formulas above (given separately and at the end of the infusion)

(infusions require 1-2 hours for 250mg NAD)

Optimal Performance IV

Price: $305

This infusion is packed with the ultimate, athlete power fuel! We mix aminos, MIC and L-Taurine to refine performance, endurance, and recovery as well as reduce muscle damage and metabolic stress.

Basic Recovery IV

Price: $308

For that post-workout recovery, treat yourself to the optimal rest and recoup. The Dr.’s house cocktail is enhanced with trace minerals and amino acids.

The base prices* below, reflect quotes for Mobile clinic pricing.  All IV formulas can also be given in the clinic setting, where patients take advantage of special pricing for packages and pre- ordering.  To inquire about the IV formulas available in  clinic, and specialized pricing for that setting, please set up a consultation with one of our physicians

  • Base price does not include a one time $50 fee to establish physician relationship.
  • Base price does not include GE tax
  • Base price does not include transportation fee or after hours surcharge
  • $100 surcharge for IV’s requested after regular business hours
  • Transportation Calculated At 1$ per minute transportation time

All appointment times are requests for appointments only. We will do our best to accommodate your requested appointment time, and if not able to, we will be in touch as soon as possible to reschedule you with the earliest available appointment time.

Membership Services

Membership services allow you the most direct and continuous guaranteed access to the prescription-only products that you need.  All membership services include guaranteed access to one of our physicians, a specialized consultation, and guaranteed access to our prescription only products at reduced prices using our premier wholesale accounts with licensed compounding pharmacies.