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Rehydration IV


Vitamin C - antioxidant with antibacterial and antiviral effects Magnesium- fosters fosters optimum autonomic nervous system function and calms inflammation and calms inflammation B-complex- organ maintenance, metabolism and detoxification B-12-essential for digestion, brain function and blood production Calcium gluconate-maintains functional integrity of nerves, muscles and bones Trace minerals-Optimizes physiologic function Potassium - Master regulator that together with sodium, calcium and magnesium, controls all of the body’s key metabolic and physiologic processes.

Price: $262

Our Meyer’s cocktail with trace minerals and potassium added for optimal body function, especially for rehydration after strenuous exercise or detoxification protocols.  With this treatment, we are fine tuning the body’s physiology, giving the body essential nutrients for optimum maintenance, repair and self- regulation.

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